Popular Terms By State And Country

Popular search terms are the most frequently entered relevant words across our sites in the given time frame. Popular search terms are not necessarily the most searched for words. Terms like porn, ass, and fuck are highly searched but they don't give much insight into the interest of the consumer because of their broad nature. Overly broad terms are removed from the search results until we get to the most popular descriptive terms. These terms frequently include the titles of movies, series, studios, stars, directors and some sex acts and genres of content. The results may sometimes seem like a typo though they are more likely the clever naming conventions that porn studios have used for years in creating movie titles. Other unusual terms may make more sense when the search region is taken into consideration. Emphasis is placed on results that are generating consumer purchases.

Category Stats Questions

The categories of content are in order by sales volume. The sales data has been normalized so that the hottest selling category of content gets a score of 100. If the next highest category gets at 85 then it is selling at 85% of the level of the most popular content at 100%. Presenting the data this way gives some perspective as to how much more or less any category of content is selling compared to any other category of content while not publishing sensitive financial data. Categories of content with sales volumes that fall below 1 are excluded from the published results.

Top Selling Porn Star

The Top Stars list are based on consumer purchases. The stars in the highest selling scenes of the week are compiled into a top list. This list is published through the Top Star sales tool in the AEBN affiliate program and posted on Twitter @aebn. The quarterly and yearly top star results are compiled from the weekly data.