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Bisexual – In real life, it is one who is attracted to both the male and female.  In porn, it’s two guys and a girl. It isn’t that porn producers don’t understand that women could also be bisexual; it’s that porn isn’t historically sorted that way. Porn assumes that all women are slightly bisexual, regardless of the reality. Porn is not a replica of the real world; it’s full of stereotypes.

Straight and gay sex fantasies are pretty easy to understand, but bisexual is more complicated. Before the internet, the best and probably only source of information on this topic was an encyclopedia, with no examples. With the coming of the information age, examples could be had, and sorting through the emotional baggage of being in the middle became a less complicated task. Our health teacher never talked about the possibility of multiple partners of different genders. Unless maybe we were home sick that day.

When a consumer visits AEBN, they typically land on the splash page – a page that introduces the site and gives people an opportunity to sort themselves into two groups: those who want to see naked women and those who want to see naked men. We know that there are a lot more options, but typically porn sites keep things simple. Some sites may specialize in one type of porn or, like our site, offer lots of content but then attempt to filter fans to what interests them. The day may come when we have more front door options, but that will be dictated by consumer demand. As society evolves so does porn.

Of all the categories of videos we warehouse on our system, Bisexual is one of the most complicated as it appears on both the straight and gay theaters. Putting Bisexual porn on the shelf is straightforward, but trying to understand the audience who is watching is harder. In order to chart the popularity of Bisexual content, we are constantly monitoring the ebb and flow of fan interest.

Bisexual video sales among consumers that signed up through the naked lady door (or leaning straight) have, in the last nine years, been somewhat higher than they were in the previous nine years. The opposite observation can be made for consumers who signed up through the naked man door (or leaning gay). Overall consumer interest in Bisexual content over the last two decades has been pretty consistent. There are some spikes, but if you remove the highs and lows the trend has been mostly flat.



Notable high points are listed below.

Sample of the Most Popular Bisexual Movies in the Straight Theaters

February 2019 – Semper Bi by Zero Tolerance/BiPhoria

September 2015 – Bi Fraternity Teasing by Corbin Fisher

December 2013 – Bi College Guys 2 by Corbin Fisher

July 2011 – Bi Curious Couples by Doghouse Digital

December 2009 – Wanna Fuck My Wife Gotta Fuck Me Too 3  by Devil’s Film

March 2003 – The Misadventures of Miss Heidi by The Body Shoppe



Sample of the Most Popular Bisexual Movies in the Gay Theaters

April 2019 – Bi Peg To Differ by BiPhoria, Zero Tolerance

September 2015 – Bi Fraternity Teasing by Corbin Fisher

December 2013 – Bi College Guys 2 by Corbin Fisher

December 2009 – Wanna Fuck My Wife Gotta Fuck Me Too 3  by Devil’s Film

May 2003 – The Misadventures of Miss Heidi by The Body Shoppe


Producers of Bisexual porn influence who their target audience is by the cover artwork they provide.  Because this content appears as a category on both the gay and straight sides of the site, the artwork that is used to represent the movie or scene can impact how the fans perceive it. The old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” applies here. What might entice one person may repel another. The Bisexual category offers lots of variety, but not everyone is into the same things. Sometimes the sex can hit an awkward chord even among fans.

For Bisexual consumers, the best choice may be watching a scene with a man or woman they are into that day. It is possible to identify as bisexual and never watch a scene or title categorized as such. Trying to get both male and female interaction in the right dosage in one scene might be better left to the imagination for some. Producers seek to find the sweet spot with mixed results. Some content is squarely hitting the target audience, while some misses the mark.

Commercial porn tends to amplify vanilla sex acts into a well-choreographed dance of angles to display penetration, which might be a turn off for some bi porn consumers. Having the producer switch viewpoints at the wrong time can lead to a frustrating experience. The most successful recent bi porn has followed a predictable pattern: two guys have sex while a girl watches, or a man and a woman have sex and then another man is encouraged to participate, frequently with a level of humiliation involved. It isn’t everyone’s favorite, but both of these styles of production have their audience.  Most porn tells a story; if your fantasy is not mostly male/male or submissive, then you may have a harder time finding what you are looking for.

Representation of bisexuality in mainstream media is on the rise, as is the awareness of people who are elsewhere on the sexuality spectrum. While it is getting more attention, we don’t think the increased awareness and acceptance in culture is making people any more or less curious than they have always been about bisexuality. Like gay, straight and any other orientation leanings, it just is. People just are who they are.

Based on nearly 20 years of sales, we suspect that Bisexual porn will continue to have a steady and specific audience. Producers will continue to refine the formula they use to present these fantasies and they may strike a chord with an audience that is not currently being fully satisfied. That is the area we imagine growth is most likely to come from, though we may be surprised by the sexually adventurous roaring ‘20s to come. We will continue to monitor sales and will eventually come back and revisit this topic with additional insight.

Notable Bi stars:  Michael Del Ray, Ricky Larkin, Lance Hart, Wolf Hudson, Pierce Paris, Dante Cole

Explore the Bisexual category of content at AEBN.

If you lean Straight Bi today then go here – The videos are the same regardless of the link.

If you lean Gay Bi today then go here – The videos are the same regardless of the link.



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