AEBN Looks at Celebrity Sex Tapes

The Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape of 1998 was the epic commercial start to the celebrity sex tape rage that consumed the early internet.  A Baywatch babe and a legendary rock star had the makings of web marketers’ dreams.  Whether by accident, or on purpose, it paved the way for the multitude of celeb sex tape releases to follow.  Celebrities in explicit situations have always drawn public interest and piqued curiosities, and the internet has facilitated ease of access to and the ability to share with a worldwide audience.


We combed through nearly 20 years of data on fans buying celebrity sex to see which stars captured the most interest.  One significant observation we made is that interest in celebrity sex is often short lived.  The tallest peaks on the chart below correlate with new releases of celebrity tapes which are often “viral” in nature.




This list represents 10 celebrities though several of them appear on the list more than once.

April 2010 – Paris Hilton

March 2007 – Tom Sizemore

February 2007 – Dustin Diamond aka Screech

August 2004 – Pamela Anderson

August 2008 – Amy Fisher

August 2007 – Pamela Anderson

August 2006 – Pamela Anderson

September 2005 – Joanie Laurer aka Chyna

May 2011 – Paris Hilton

April 2009 – Joanie Laurer aka Chyna

March 2013 – Mindy McCready

December 2008 – Pamela Anderson

September 2009 – Kelli McCarty Miss USA

December 2014 – Shauna Sand

October 2014 – Karissa Shannon

April 2016 – Joanie Laurer aka Chyna


Celebrity sex tapes captured significant consumer interest throughout the early 2000’s.  The celebrity movie that made the biggest splash with consumers on the AEBN network was the Paris Hilton movie.  Collectively the Pamela Anderson movies have consistently been a fan favorite among AEBN users.  It seems every few years fans rediscover Pamela and seek her out all over again.


One mans hobby of memorizing the Hollywood movies in which celebrities appeared naked resulted in the creation of the popular Mr. Skin website in 1999.  The company seeks out all the mainstream appearances of celebrity skin and catalogs them for our convenience.  While it isn’t a porno exactly it does indicate that there is always an audience seeking to satisfy their curiosities about their favorite celebrities.  Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High will always hold a special place in our hearts.


Some celebrity sex tapes of the past have launched careers into the stratosphere.  Those days appeared to be declining after a data breach in August of 2014 occurred.  Dubbed “The Fappening” more than 100 celebrities had their private images stolen from a cloud service.  We are all for consensual adults making content for other adults but that is not what this was.  This unauthorized distribution of personal data was disturbing and an unethical invasion of privacy.


Recently however, we have seen some celebrities crossing over to porn that are generating new found interest among fans, like Maitland Ward,  a mainstream star form the 90’s who began posting racy pics on Instagram in 2013 and is now played a starring role in the new XXX feature by Kayden Kross, “DRIVE. As soon as that video was released, searches for “Maitland Ward” on AEBN spiked well above the usual top search terms.


The emergence of computer generated Deepfakes has taken celebrity sex in a totally new direction.  In 2017, a computer video editing enthusiast wreaked havoc with free software and powerful graphics cards.  It was a hot topic of conversation among porn folk at the early 2018 conventions.  What impact is this going to have?


“A celebrity sex tape has the ability of controlling the search engines for days and even weeks at a time.  There is no other event I can think of in modern times that can do this as consistently as the “celebrity sex tape”. The public has an insatiable appetite for everything “celebrity”.” said The Celebrity Sex Tape Broker, Kevin Blatt.


“It’s what drives us to buy the music we listen to, the clothes we wear, shows we watch- and now even the porn we like to search for.”


Blatt continued  “When you combine prurient interest with celebrities, it creates this pop culture phenomenon.”


“Back when I was approached in 2002 about marketing this sex tape with Paris Hilton I asked, “Who is Paris Hilton?”  Now there isn’t an adult on this planet who DOESN’T know who Paris Hilton is!”  said Blatt.


If you think hard you may have other celebrity videos come to mind.  Some may never have been commercially available, so we won’t mention them.  Others may only have been brief clips or grainy videos from long ago.  A few we may not have in our system to analyze.  Some celebrities that we found in the system that are definitely worth mentioning include Marilyn Monroe, Sylvester Stallone, Jayne Mansfield, and even some believed to be Rifleman Chuck Connors and Barbara Streisand.  While it’s unclear if the sex tape phenomenon will see resurgence in the coming years, our fascination with famous flesh will live on.


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