AEBN Looks at Gay Daddy Content

Daddy – A sexually active, hot older man who knows what he wants. AEBN looks at where this emerging genre started and where it is headed. Gay Daddy is trending in a big way. It is exciting to watch a category come into its own right before our eyes.


In the early 2000s the occasional Daddy or DILF (Dad I’d Like To Fuck) title would pass through our theater system. While none of those titles in our early days ever became very popular, the stars and creators knew there was an audience to be cultivated. The clean, smooth look that was all the rage in the ‘90s-‘00s was due for a distant challenger in the tastefully trimmed and handsome older Daddies to come.


Before 2009 we had no category to assist fans in navigating through these movies and scenes. That all changed with the addition of the DILF category in late 2009. DILF felt like the right term to describe this genre at the time. Consumer interest and consumption increased with the arrival of the new DILF classification.


In early 2010 Pantheon Productions saw success with Real Men 16: Down To Business.  Later that year Daddy Mugs topped it with Daddy Mugs Adventures.  Early 2014 saw explosive sales for Dragon Media with Dad Gets Into Trouble.  Later that year Iconmale scored big with Fathers And Sons.

Early 2015 saw the term “Dadbod” go viral and it shone a spotlight on the value of hot dads in all their many forms.


The vocabulary of pornography changes with time and what seemed like a good fit in one era may feel out of place in another. DILF would eventually evolve into Daddy in late 2017. The audience for Daddy scenes increased, and so did consumption.


In 2018, the Bareback Network studio started, and it found success with the introduction of their Family Dick series.  That series continues to be a winner in 2019 with the ninth installment in the series. We see 2020 just ahead and things are looking good for Daddy content.


If you had told us twenty years ago that Daddy would be giving Twink a run for its money by 2020, we would never have believed you.  It’s happening, though.  Daddy, once a category with just a cult following, is now a force to be reckoned with.


Notable Daddies:  Rocco Steele, Lito Cruz, Alex Killian, Allen Silver, President Oaks

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