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The word “Taboo” can mean anything forbidden. In porn, it’s typically referring to the forbidden sex acts between step-siblings or step-parents. Of course this is all pretend among consenting adults, but even the idea of forbidden familial love is clearly hitting the mark for many fans.

Taboo porn films have been around for decades, but until recent years they had seen a limited level of audience enthusiasm. It has existed as a fringe fetish, but it wasn’t a common story line in popular porn. Those days are long gone. Categories of content don’t rise to the top of sales charts every day, and those that do are rarely new categories. Love it or hate it, Taboo content is a sight to behold for its recent surge in sales volume among porn consumers.

We wanted to better understand how this previously obscure category could climb to the top of the charts in such a relatively brief period. We started asking questions and poring over data and this is what we found out about this controversial style of porn storytelling.

Taboo porn has a level of universal appeal across the world. No one country is significantly more into this than any other. There are variations, but they aren’t noteworthy.

Compared to all other types of porn, men seem to be slightly more interested in this than women. No earth-shattering news here, either.

When attempting to understand the appeal, we have to wonder if people are watching because stars they know are in a new scene, or if they’re in it for the story. Consumers may be drawn in by a sexy thumbnail or a hot star, but once the story starts it can be hard to look away from what is frequently a slow-motion train wreck of human lust. Consumers know it is inappropriate and sometimes just wrong, but somehow that makes it so compelling it is hard to stop watching. The compromising position the stars find themselves in can be very exciting and unlike most forms of porn storytelling. That awkward feeling that things could go so bad any minute can be addictive.

What is driving the growth of this content? The Internet has made in-depth data analysis much easier. With improved insight into data it is possible to better understand what consumers want to see. Some porn producers have started to pay close attention to trends to help them choose the content they create. If someone finds a new trend that’s selling, it gets around and the amount being produced rises. It has always been this way, but it’s more efficient these days.

Are porn consumers becoming a bit jaded and require more and more extreme stimulation to flip their switch? Everyone’s erotica experience varies and while some have our base kinks, others may go through kink phases that mature with experience. At no moment in porn’s history has there ever been so much Taboo content to explore. Consumers by the billions are being exposed to something that’s new to them and produced at a very high quality.

One content category can impact another category. We believe that the rise in Taboo content has attributed to the growth of adjacent categories like Wife and Daddy. As one category evolves, it may be a catalyst for the growth or renewed interest in another.



Notable high points are listed below.

August 2017 Moms On Massage by All Girl Massage 

June 2017 A Mommy Fixation 4 by Forbidden Fruit Films 

October 2015 – Mother-Son Secrets V by Forbidden Fruit Films 

March 2015 – Memoirs of Bad Mommies 4 by Forbidden Fruit Films 

The Taboo category was added to the straight theater system on 12/4/2014. This content became easier to discover when the category was added and we attribute some of its growth to this event.

We found something curious in our analysis of the sales timelines. On September 11th of 2017, a Tweet featuring well-known porn star Cory Chase was “Liked” by the account of a conservative politician from Texas named Ted Cruz. The interaction was clearly a mistake as politicians don’t typically share their kinks with their constituents, but it happened, and it went viral. When things happen in mainstream culture, it frequently impacts consumer interest and sales. After the unintentional endorsement and subsequent media whirlwind, the category exploded in popularity. Taboo content had some good months leading up to that moment, but it dominated the charts in the two plus years after that moment.  Maybe a fluke, but it is an amusing fact.

Incestuous and controversial relationships have had their place in mainstream performance in years past with the likes of The Blue Lagoon, Joe Dirt, Eurotrip, Cruel Intentions, and Game Of Thrones. With the rise in popularity of the category, we can only imagine those instances will follow suit in mainstream. Aunt Peg would be so proud.

Some notable studios currently producing this straight content are: Forbidden Fruits, Taboo Heat, Digital Sin, Team Skeet, Porn Pros, Manipulative Media, Brazzers, Missa X, Taboo Fantasy, and Lethal Hardcore.



Sample of the Most Popular Taboo Movies in the Gay Theaters

June 2019 Family Dick 7 by Bareback Network 

Dec 2016 Step-Bros Before Hoes 2 by Next Door Studios 

January 2016 – Step-Bros Before Hoes by Next Door Studios 

December 2012 – His Mother’s Lover by Rock Candy Films 

May 2003 – Father Figure 2 by All World’s Video 

The Taboo category was added to the gay theater system on 1/18/2017 as we began to see a need for the additional content classification.

Taboo story lines among gay studios have also been on the rise. One thing we noticed through the years is when a theme is found to be popular in one part of the porn universe; it is frequently experimented with another part of the porn universe. Porn folk talk to each other and we share what’s working, so it is natural that concepts bleed over.

Gay porn has seen some unique and influential taboo storytelling of its own.  Religion has proven to be a very powerful taboo element in recent years. “Forgive me Father, for I have sinned” can be some very sexually suggestive words under the right circumstances. The less common but no less popular twin stories have also had great success.

Some notable studios producing this gay content right now are: Bareback Network, Iconmale, Titan Media, Men, Joe Gage, Next Door Buddies, and Missionary Boyz.

While there’s no denying that Taboo has become a fan favorite over the past few years, it’s clearly not for everyone. Some consumers may find it disconcerting and can be turned off by it.  Others find that the suspense and inappropriate nature checks all the boxes for them.

We are all curious to find out if Taboo is here to stay or if consumer appetite will peak and something else will take its place. We think this category will be worthy of a future article to see how things change with time.

Notable Female Taboo stars: Jodi West, Cory Chase, Hannah Hays, Alexa Grace, Anya Olsen, Sally D’Angelo, Harmony Wonder, Rachel Steele, Gianna Dior

Notable Male Taboo stars: Austin Lock, Dirk Caber, Johnny Rapid, Calvin Banks, David Anthony, Michael DelRay, Rodney Steele, Nick Capra, Max Sergeant, Troy Accola, Alex Killian, Hugh Hunter

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