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Wife – A lucky man’s (or women’s) erotic exploration partner.
Being naughty with your life partner or someone else’s partner can be really hot and healthy, or it could lead to an epic mess. The fantasies in your head can be just as satisfying as the reality and less likely to end in alimony, so let’s explore Wife porn.

Between Teen and MILF, but before Mature, you will find the relatively new Wife porn category. AEBN added the “Wife” category in 2017 as we began to see an influx of movie submissions and user searches using this term. This new category fills a void that existed within the age-based categories in between Teen and MILF. Though wife-themed porn has existed for many years, before being given its own category, users had to find it within other categories. Since getting its own category; “wife” porn has been gaining popularity among viewers and producers, seeing continued upward trends month after month.

What is Wife porn all about?

The desires of a married couple may take many forms or evolve over the course of a marriage, which provides movie producers with a broad variety of epic fantasy-building themes to choose from.Wife swapping and sharing have long been mainstays in the swinging lifestyle, which is practiced across all demographics around the world. Maybe the husband is a cuckold who must watch his wife satisfy her desires with one or multiple partners. Perhaps the fantasy is a threesome with the husband’s mistress or the wife’s best friend…The scenarios are endless and often bridge other well-known categories of porn.

Capturing the essence of Wife Porn can be tricky. Teen content is about innocence. MILF is about the pent-up sexuality of a mom. Mature is about openness and the quality that comes with age. Wife Porn is about discovery and exploration of sexuality. There is a slight element of taboo in that she is committed to another person, but she still wants or needs to explore her desires further.

On the chart you will note that the Wife category has seen notable increases in sales, and it looks as though the trend has not yet hit its peak. Fans of Wife content will have a lot to look forward to.

Wife Porn Category Graphic


Notable high points are listed below.

July 2010 – The Stepmother 3: Trophy Wife – Mile High Media, Sweet Sinner

September 2010 – Naughty Black Housewives 2  – Elegant Angel Productions

September 2015 – Manon Martin: First Orgy For My Wife – Marc Dorcel

July 2019 – Luxure Borrow My Wife – Marc Dorcel


Out of curiosity we did a search for “wife porn” on and found that their search volume has been trending up just like AEBN’s sales volume for wife content.

Wife Porn has gotten some assistance in recent years from mainstream entertainment’s obsession with all things housewife related. From “Desperate Housewives” and “Wife Swap” to all the different variations of “The Real Housewives,” there has been no shortage of mainstream inspiration to help drive the popularity of wife-themed fantasies in porn.

Wife content has proven to be a missing link in porn. It used to be rare that a model would start out as a teen and then create content long enough to become a MILF. There had to be a category of content to bridge between those two. Some stars like Angela White are very definitely Wife material. She isn’t a teen. She isn’t a MILF. She is a gorgeous trophy wife. We can thank stars like Lisa Ann in recent history for helping to carve this new category.

We could surmise that Wife porn has become such a big thing because pornstars of all ages have more staying power than they used to. With social media platforms and stars generating their own custom content, their loyal fans are growing in number as porn stars are honing their marketing skills and building individual brand recognition and value. The internet has made it possible to extend stars’ careers far beyond what may have been possible in previous eras (with a few notable exceptions).

Wife content is chiseling out its place in porn and its trending popularity may see it rising to contend for a spot among our most popular categories.  If you have not discovered it yet, you need to set aside some quality time for yourself (and maybe your wife) to sample a few of these excellent fantasies.

Notable Wives:  Riley Steel, Silvia Saige, Angela White, Adriana Chechik, Veronica Avluv

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