Anal – One Sex Act to Rule Them ALL

Anal eroticism is the fastest selling genre of porn. This has been true for at least the last 20 years. Anal may be the most approachable taboo sex for adventurous male/female couples but it is everyday love for gay men. This sex act carries enough clout to have laws made to forbid it and for some to cry that it is a crime against nature. Telling the public not to do something is a quick way to encourage interest.

What’s with the fascination? There was a time when rumors and misinformation passed between inexperienced peers, much like the blind leading the blind, only served to enhance the mystique. First person experience with a partner tends to be more complicated than “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” Male and female anatomies differ, and the sensations and stimulation that anal eroticism provides take time and patience to fully appreciate. Men have their own version of the G spot that can be harder to comprehend than the lore of the female G spot. The primal nature of giving and receiving anal pleasure for both men and women leaves many questions to be answered for the uninitiated.

Advice from the experts is an excellent place to start. Sex on film may look spontaneous but it certainly is not. Planning, preparation, and patience are all elements of successful anal play on and off camera. Knowing how to prepare yourself and your partner for a new experience and setting expectations goes a long way in helping to ensure a mutually rewarding experience for both parties. Surprise, spur of the moment anal sex is not the best approach for you or your partner.

The experts tell us:

  • “Be gentle, go slowly, warm up, and always use lube.” – Tristan Taormino, Expert Guide to Advanced Anal Sex by Vivid Entertainment.
  • “If it hurts, stop. Never, never must it hurt.” – Nina Hartley, Nina Hartley’s Guide to Anal Sex by Adam & Eve.
  • “The anus doesn’t have any natural lubricating system. You need silicon because it doesn’t evaporate.” – John Magnum – Porn U by Jake Cruise Media.

The Internet offers anonymity that makes otherwise embarrassing questions easier to ask. More information has made anal fantasies more mainstream and approachable than we ever imagined it could be. Sex-starved minds now have access to practical love making knowledge that offers them the opportunity to level up their orifice experiences with far less awkwardness.

We anal-ized (LOL) our data and found that among gay consumers, movies and scenes that place emphasis on anal are always the most popular. It may seem like that’s a given, but without the data to back it up, it’s hard to say it is a fact. We have been monitoring this over decades and it is a fact that we can verify. Not every piece of data that we look at is a revelation. Sometimes it is nice to see assumptions verified.

In straight porn we would come to the same conclusion if we just looked at sales between 2001 and early 2006. The demand for anal has remained high since 2006, but straight consumers’ primary interest became slightly more diverse.


Movies and scenes with emphasis on anal sex are the most popular in the gay content library.


Movies and scenes with emphasis on anal sex dominated sales in the straight library between 2001 and 2006, but its popularity became more intermittent as the years have gone by. Recently the spikes have been looking very consistent.

With so many movies topping the charts with anal scenes, we are listing some of the recent favorites in the spring of 2021 below.



Explore the anal library – straight –

Explore the anal library – gay –


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