Cuckold – Sharing with a Pinch of Humiliation

To the uninitiated, the idea of a partner finding pleasure in the arms of another may send shivers down the spine, but looking closer, it’s evident that there is a lot more than just adultery going on here. While each scenario is different, and the definition of cuckolding will vary to include everything from a voyeuristic husband complicit in his wife’s rendezvous to a bullied partner being forced to service a stronger specimen for the amusement of their bride, the one thing everyone can agree on is the introduction of a third party with the knowledge, but not always the enthusiasm, of one half of the established couple.

The word “cuckold” is rather alien sounding to most modern ears. With origins dating back to before Shakespeare’s time, it describes an adulterous wife and a subservient husband who probably doesn’t measure up in some way. It’s not a term that is often tossed around, and one that we first saw appear in an adult movie title in 2005. The first time we saw it, we had to look it up. In recent years, the term has gained some ground as a political insult in some circles. The origin of the term relates to the Cuckoo bird, which is known to lay its eggs in other birds’ nests.

Although cuckold content existed prior to the early 2000s, it was not usually described using that word. It was more likely to be expressed through titles using terms like “screw my wife” or “wife sharing.” The Wildline Productions series Screw My Wife Please has been a champion for men watching their wives get laid. Cuckold was officially introduced as a category on our site in February of 2009 as we saw fans actively trying to find the words to describe this content. The cuckold concept is less popular on the gay side, though it can be found there in the bisexual category for films that it would apply to.

Cuckold could be viewed in the same light as any number of other sharing categories of content, but with a bit of humiliation. It’s not so different at its core from swinging, threesome, hot wife, group sex, and orgy content. It all depends on the context of the scene. The hallmark of cuckold content is that uncomfortable moment that exists just before acceptance. In real life, cuckold relationships only work if there is consent among all involved, but in the realm of fantasy, filmmakers get to play as dirty as they want.



Notable high points are listed below.


Mar 2009Bullied Bi Cuckolds

Aug 2009Bullied Bi Cuckolds 3

Sept 2010Screw My Wife Please 70

Oldest title we have in this category – Take My Wife Please – 1993 – Wicked Pictures

First title to use the word – Cuckold Couple – 2005 – Babs Video Production

Second title to use the word – Sissy Cucks – 2005 – Babs Video Production

Third title to use the word – Cuckold Birthday Party – 2005 – Lakeview Entertainment

We wondered if there were any movies that turned the tables and put the wife in the place of the cuck man, and we found a few. The word for a female cuckold is “cuckquean.” Maybe this is a coming trend, as two of the movies have been recent. The last one has a distinctive Taboo twist.


Tables Turned –

Cuckqueans – 2013 – Combat Zone

CuckQuean – 2019 – MeanBitch Productions

Dixie Lynn in New CuckQuean – 2019 – Taboo Heat


Notable Cuckold star – One of the most recognizable faces in the world of cuckold porn – Jimmy Broadway


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