Interracial – Times and Taste Change 

The most famous interracial sex scene in porn must be the Mitchell Brother’s “Behind the Green Door” (1972). Marilyn Chambers the white woman in the advertising campaign for Ivory Soap had sex with legendary black performer Johnnie Keyes donning tribal looking makeup and a bear claw necklace.  The world changed when Johnnie came walking out from behind the green door.  The Mitchell Brother’s played into the stereotypes and the cultural taboos in this sensational tale.   


Mr. Footlong’s Encounter (1973) by Hawk Productions was the first feature length adult gay film we could find with a black male lead character. Duncan aka Mr. Footlong could have been called Mr. Sensual as he generously works the white men over in this film.  A simple story about two partners hooking up with other men during the day and how it spiced up their sex life at home later that night.  


Before we get too hot and heavy, we should look back at how mainstream media portrayals of mixed-race relationships have grown and changed and what influence they’ve had on modern adult content. Books, movies, television, and all other types of media have evolved alongside social norms. It is those views that help shape what we see in adult fantasy. Finding beauty and attraction across cultures happens whenever diverse groups come together, and while it is understood to be both normal and natural today, that wasn’t always the case. 


The Hays Code was the moral guideline for the movie industry in the United States from 1934 to 1968.  These rules were established to set ethical standards.  Explicit sex, drug use, graphic violence, mocking religion, and depiction of interracial relationships were just some of the content it was intended to curtail.  Those things were considered immoral, conservative political and religious groups believed wholesome values were at risk.  The good guys were always supposed to win, all the endings had to be happy.  Well not that kind of happy. 


Breaking Barriers: Interracial Relations in Hollywood


“I Love Lucy” (1951) featured real life couple Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball as the first interracial couple on television.   


“Island in the Sun” (1957) explored a mixed-race relationship between Hollywood stars Joan Fontaine and Harry Belafonte.  The black-white dynamic was very controversial for the time, and they didn’t even share an on-screen kiss.   


The Ed Sullivan Show (1958) William Shatner then of Broadway and later of Star Trek fame, kissed France Nuyen who is of Asian descent during the broadcast.   


Loving v. Virginia (1967) The US Supreme Court found that legal discrimination against couples based on their race was against the Constitution.  


Star Trek (1968) Mr. Shatner made headlines again when he shared an on-screen kiss with co-star Nichelle Nichols who played Lt. Uhura.  A white man kissing a black woman on network television raised eyebrows.    


The abandonment of the Hays Code in 1968 marked a shift towards freedom of expression.  It fueled a new generation of films for consumers to explore.  The change in tolerances was influenced partly by the liberal, artistic, and innovative storytelling approach of European cinema. 



Queer Representation: Progressing Beyond Stereotypes

Interracial relations were a non-issue in early depictions of gay characters in the entertainment industry. Mainstream media had gay characters code talking with labels like “bachelor” and “spinster”. Stereotypes abound and when represented they were often for comedic effect. They weren’t getting enough character development time to be concerned with their partners skin tone. Consensual same-sex sexual activity wasn’t even de-criminalized nationally by the Supreme Court in the US until 2003 with Lawrence v. Texas.    


The early 1970s showed the first glimpse of gay representation on television where they weren’t presented as a punch line.   


“All in the Family” (1971) Archie Bunker finds out his friend Steve is gay.  Steve was played as a handsome masculine “regular guy” which broke the stereotypes of the day. 


“That Certain Summer” (1972) The ABC made for TV movie saw Hal Holbrook and a young Martin Sheen play a gay couple in a sympathetic light that had never been portrayed before on television.  Using subtle camera angles, cutaways, and careful dialogue choices the director sidestepped most of the censor’s request for script changes.  


There were other popular shows of the early to mid 1970’s that depicted gay characters.  “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, “Maude”, “MAS*H”, and “Barney Miller” all touched on gay storylines though only briefly. 


The late 1970’s and early 1980’s saw a young Billy Crystal playing Jodie Dallas on the TV show “SOAP”.  “Dynasty” in 1981 had a very memorable coming out scene with the character of Steven Carrington. 


Gay portrayals in movies and television have lagged race representation in all forms of entertainment.   Gay relationships are now commonplace in movies and television and interracial story lines have never been as controversial to audiences as just being gay.   


The Intersection of Race and Adult Content

The Golden Age of porn from the late 1960’s through the mid 1980’s saw the rise of successful stars from diverse backgrounds including actress Desiree West, and Linda Wong and actors Billy Dee and King Paul. 


There were less documented performers from the Stag Film era of porn that ended in the 1960s.  The films were short, usually lacking credits.  If credits did exist, the names were often satirical like Anita Man and Dick Johnson.   


The Gay Video Era spanning the late 1970s till the late 1990s found stars like Bobby Blake, Flex Deon, Tyson Cane, and Brandon Lee.  


The 80s and 90s saw little diversity until home computers with internet accessibility became commonplace.  The growth of the Internet fueled an explosion of underrepresented ethnicities that filled in the content gaps that existed in the home video market and before.  More non-white content became available than ever before. 


Stereotypes abound early on with fantasy storylines of prison sex and submissive white men being dominated by ominous black men.  Derogatory language was more common early on.  The audience and the producers used slang to describe what they wanted to see in the easiest terms possible.  That still happens today but it is less palatable. 


Porn Moves Towards a More Mature Content Landscape

The evolution of mixed raced couples and same sex couples are on a different cultural arc but it is interesting to see the pace of societal acceptance of each. Content producers are celebrating diversity and handling fetishes more tastefully. Mixed race fantasies tend to have more stigma for people who grew up in conservative communities.  The more liberal and diverse a community, the less the sense of scandal. While some producers still lean into the “shock value” of the supposed taboo, the most polarizing content is found in the past these days.  Everyone’s tastes differ, and pornography is an industry built on catering to every taste. 





The straight and gay pie charts below show how many movies we distribute based on how they are categorized.  Interracial content is significantly more popular with straight consumers.  Latin only and Black only content both beat out Interracial content among gay consumers. 




Notable Producers: 

Gay – Noir Male, Dogfart Gay, NakedSword X Rhyheim, Vision X 

Straight – Blacked, Jules Jordan, Filthy Kings, Dogfart  


Straight Chart 

Gay Chart 


Popular Titles 


March 2005 – Poor Little White Boy 2 by Bacchus 

June 2005 – Barebacking With Jeff Palmer 3: Gang Fucked by SX Video 

January 2010 – Asses Full of Cum by SX Video 

March 2016 – Bareback Pursuit by Raw Strokes 

June 2021 – Interracial Man-Tasies 5 by DogFart Gay, BlacksonBoys 



May 2006 – A Taste of The Orient by Simon Wolf 

July 2007 – Holy Fuck It’s Huge by Candy Shop 

Aug 2008 – Lexington Steele MILF Magnet by Mercenary Pictures 

Sept 2009 – White Mommas 2 by Elegant Angel  

February 2010 – Lesbian Beauties 4: Interracial – Ebony and Ivory by Mile High Media, Sweetheart Video 

February 2019 – Black and White 14 by Blacked 

May 2021 – Blacked Raw V38 by Blacked RAW 

January 2022 – Trim by Blacked 

February 2023 – Black And Red 2 by Blacked 

September 2023 – Level Up by Blacked 


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