Lesbian – A Gateway for Generations of Fans

Lesbian porn is one of the most popular categories of content in porn history. For many fans and stars of lesbian content it is the gateway to porn. It is routinely perceived by porn connoisseurs to be the sexiest, most gentle, and beautiful porn made. “Seductive”, “sweet”, and “pretty” are all words that are easy to use when describing most contemporary lesbian porn. It is often the starting point for actresses entering the adult video industry. It is also a frequent starting point for viewers of adult material. It all seems so carefree, an accidental pleasure. That is the underlying story line for many lesbian scenes.

You do not have to be a lesbian to like lesbian porn. For both women and men, one of the things that regales this content the absence of a masculine presence. The male form can be an undesirable distraction for some audiences. The opportunity to experience erotica in the company of women exclusively can be a positive trigger that fosters all the joy of intimacy without any of the stigma.

For the last ten years lesbian content has been a big, big deal. While it has always been a fan favorite, in recent years it has proven to be an established commodity. There are many modern studios and stars that are exclusively dedicated to this genre of content. There are still others that have strong ongoing series that place their emphasis here. Studios like Sweetheart Video, Girlfriends Films, GirlGirl, Viv Thomas, Girl Candy, and Marc Dorcel are just a sample of those who have dedicated themselves to this beautiful genre of porn.

Lesbian – A Gateway for Generations of Fans

A frequent question answered: 

Why is lesbian content accessed through AEBN’s straight theater when, technically speaking, Lesbians would be “Gay”?

Lesbian porn is girl/girl content and not an identification of the performers’ or the audience’s sexual orientation. Our sites provide access to every kind of porn imaginable and that poses navigational challenges. Women who identify as lesbian enjoy this content as do men who identify as straight. That makes lesbian content valid as a straight content niche to a large portion of the audience. It is not intended as a slight and in some ways is a carryover from the navigational legacies of the past. We provide navigation from the warning page to see women or men via images and via text buttons. We are not asking the consumers orientation we are asking them what they want to see the most of. The presentation may not be perfect, but it is common in the simplified navigation of adult sites.

While most lesbian porn tends to focus on the soft and sweet side of women it is not all pink and flowery. The sex may be the same but the role the cast is playing can vary. Whether it is the girl-next-door, a strong maternal figure, or a dominatrix with a strap-on, the characters portrayed by actresses materially change the fantasy experienced by the viewer. Some of the stories that support the scenes have an edge to them. Common storylines that are explored include age play taboo themes, massage that turns intimate, strap-on, anal play, and light to heavy BDSM.

Lesbian porn is not always the most popular, but the appeal is broad, undeniable, and growing. It is accessibility to a wide audience, its easy-going ways, and the ongoing studios and talents dedication to producing beautiful content should keep it in the spotlight for many years to come.


Most popular Lesbian titles

June 2010 – Lesbian Adventures: Wet Panties by Mile High

Dec 2012 – Mother Superior by Girl Candy

May 2017 – My All Girl Massage by All Girl Massage

March 2018 – Mama Sutra by Mommys Girl

Oct 2019 – Spa Confessions by All Girl Massage

Feb 2020 – She’s My Daddy by GirlGirl

March 2020 – Paranormal by GirlGirl

June 2020 – Mommy’s Daughter 4 by GirlGirl

November 2020 – Lesbian Seductions 71 by Girlfriend’s Films


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