Popular Searches by Country in April and May 2024

Father figures took center stage in many countries on both Gay and Straight theaters during April and May of 2024. Straight theater users also sought out seedy sex while sensuous smokers took the spotlight on the Gay theaters.



Users in many countries sought out fatherly fornicators with popular searches including “daddies” in France and “daddy” in Argentina.

Asian themes were also trending with searches including “Japanese amateurs” in Singapore, “Asian fever” in Thailand, and more.

Another trend of note was sneaky and surprising storylines. Searches included “massage creep” in Taiwan and Norway, and “sneaky sex” in Germany.

Popular stars included Stormy Daniels in the US, Lexi Belle in Spain, Nyomi Banxxx in Russia and Kitty Jung in the Philippines.



The paternal pounding was also apparent on the Gay theaters with popular searches including “daddy” in India, “daddy delivers” in Singapore, and “everyday fathers” in Mexico.

Black themed content was also popular across the globe as users searched for “black anal” in the Netherlands, “black deep” in Switzerland, and “black on daddies” in Brazil.

Smoking fetish was another interesting trend that popped up over the months of April and May. With trending searches including “leather smoking” in Norway, “smoking cigarette” in Poland

Some of the searches for popular stars included Pierre Fitch in Colombia, Jay Carter in Israel, Erik Climber in Denmark, and Dale Savage in Russia.



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