Popular Searches by Country in October and November of 2019

AEBN analyzes our sales data every two months to see what our viewers in each of more than three dozen countries are searching for on our theaters. On both the straight and gay theaters we saw a wide variety of stars, studios, and sex acts proving to be popular with viewers in October and November.



Across the world, straight theater viewers went looking for an array of stars. For Colombians, Gina Valentina held special appeal. In the United States, Maitland Ward drew plenty of attention. Germany wanted a fix of Emma Hix. Ireland couldn’t get enough of Gabbie Carter.

South Africa and the United Kingdom were both keen to check out Abby Winters, the famous amateur studio from Down Under.







Kink enthusiasts in various countries found what they were looking for on the gay theater. While Austrians searched for bondage, Czechia sought out sounding, Italy was thirsty for milking, and Poland found plenty of fisting.

In both Mexico and Greece, viewers were eager to see Dimitri. Australians craved Carl Baxter.








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More information about how this data is compiled can be found in the FAQ section.  If you have any questions or would like to request data please send an email to contactus@aebntrends.com.

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