Popular Searches by State in November and December of 2022

During November and December of 2022, fetish content was big in numerous states on the straight theater and Black-related porn searches were a major trend on the gay theater.



Fetish-related searches were popular across the country, including “lesbian dominatrix” in Arizona, “CBT” in New Hampshire, and “bound gangbangs” in South Carolina. 

Popular stars included Kendra Lust in California and Maine, Alex Coal in Georgia, Sasha Grey in Massachusetts, and Angela White in Texas. 

Other notable trends popular searches were “anally corrupted” in Colorado, “tgirls porn” in Florida, “tgirls” in Hawaii, and “anal savages” in Nevada. 


Black twink” was a popular search in Alabama and Nebraska, while the District of Columbia favored “black mature.” Other Black-related search terms included “black and muscular” in Mississippi, “black classic” in South Carolina, and “big black cock” in Tennessee. 

Popular stars included Rocco Steele in Ohio, Cutler X in Virginia, Adam Faust in Utah, and Damien Crosse in Washington. 

Other notable popular searches included “bath house” in Colorado, “dick terror” in Delaware, “Santa spanking” in Georgia, “Vatican” in Michigan, “mechanics” in Missouri, and “armpits” in West Virginia. 



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