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Fantasy and Reality

If you asked people “what is your greatest sexual fantasy,” they may tell you a celebrity or scenario that is completely unrealistic. If you asked them to narrow that down to something that could happen in reality, they’d most likely say “two partners at once.” Humans tend to think “more is more” when it comes to good things, and if sex is a good thing, then twice as much sex at once is great!

Threesomes are sex with three people simultaneously, involving any gender or sexual orientation. These people may be in a relationship together, such as a couple inviting a third person to join them, or they may involve three individuals who are not romantically involved at all.

The main way Threeway porn and reality diverge is in the amount of planning and communication that needs to happen prior to the main event. While nothing is totally impossible, it’s much less likely that you’ll stumble into a threesome with a horny babysitter, a charming business partner, or a cheating spouse that asks you to join in. These scenarios, if acted out, would probably spell disaster for a relationship.

Leave it to the Professionals

Threeway porn has become a legitimate heavy hitter among content categories. It is a common and approachable fantasy for all orientations. With some planning or a little luck, it can happen for anyone. We are excited to talk about this category, as it highlights well why the long view of this data can be insightful. This has become a real phenomenon. The Threeway category has steadily trekked its way into the list of top ten categories from near obscurity 20 years ago among our straight viewers, while it maintains a predictable level of interest on the gay side.

The Good, The Bad, The Unexpected

What makes a good Threesome? How do you know when a bad one is on the horizon and consider if you are just better off with fantasy and leaving the reality to the professionals? There are many reasons why adding a partner in the bedroom is on many people’s bucket list. Maybe the idea of getting twice the attention is a turn on, or watching a partner with someone else, or the desire to have or be in two places at once? Whatever the scenario, the threesome fantasy is within reach for most people. Changing sexual chemistry by adding new ingredients is an exciting proposition.

Do Try This At Home?

The right way to a fulfilling threesome experience typically involves a little bit of planning, and enthusiastic participants. Everyone should be having an enjoyable time, the entire time.

Threesome sex requires effective communication, trust, mutual respect, personal confidence, and for all parties involved to be in the right headspace when the time comes. Understanding each other’s motivations and expectations can help ensure that everyone is on the same page. This can help avoid the pitfalls of threesomes such as jealousy, awkward moments due to unbalanced participation, and ultimately, regret. With open communication and planning you can not only come away with a deeper and more erotic bond with a romantic partner, but also the opportunity to enjoy the experience again.

Of course, one of the easiest ways to avoid the emotional baggage that comes with Threesome sex is to be the third person and not part of a couple. Sharing sex as a couple can be complicated. There are so many emotions, and when it is all done the couple will always have memories they can’t forget. If those memories bring you joy, excellent, but if they don’t you can’t forget them. You and your partner can’t unsee those intimate moments. If you are the third person you don’t have to carry the emotional baggage with you. You get to either smile and enjoy the memories or move on because they don’t matter. Being the third person in a threesome is the least complicated and offers the most reward.

This should go without saying, but when introducing a new sexual partner, it’s always best to practice safe sex. The only thing you should take away from this exchange should be pleasant memories.

If this sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. Navigating the nuances and boundaries of a relationship is complicated, and if you decide this is a path you want to explore, we hope you have a great time.

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Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network Looks at Threeways from All Angles


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The Threeway category has steadily trekked its way into the list of top ten categories from near obscurity 20 years ago among our straight viewers, while it maintains a predictable level of interest on the gay side.

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