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It is time to explore the ever evolving and often controversial category of Transsexual porn. We will look at how descriptive terms have changed. What may have influenced the new vocabulary and what does the future look like for this genre of adult entertainment? We will offer up some data we have been tracking and look to see who some of the most prolific producers and stars in the category are from yesterday and today.

Broaching this subject comes with lots of questions and some concerns. Generally, we love to look at how categories change over time, but some subjects are more charged than others. This content is not just a sex act, a body part, or a fantasy story; it can be deeply personal to both the creators and the audience. To consider how the genre is evolving it is necessary to understand how it got to where it is today.


What is the typical Transsexual Content in porn?

For decades, Trans representation in porn was mostly limited to a transgender woman with a cisgender man. Producers have marketed this content to a target audience of primarily heterosexual-identifying men with a fetish. Our data shows that gay men tend not to have interest in transitioning female fantasies, but there is an audience for transitioning male fantasies depending on presentation. Today, many consumers have a broader understanding of what Transgender can represent and that it is more complex than the fantasy porn depicts. Transsexual porn is not Transgender life.

As a seller of adult entertainment, we try to present products in a way that consumers can search, sort, and find what they are looking for. The genre has expanded in recent years to include a new category that has been identified as Gender Queer. Films in this category defy traditional Trans porn stereotypes and may include trans female-to-male representation and male-to-female lesbian fantasies. If a website is exclusively dedicated to a style of content, no explanation of it is required. The images tell the story. If the site sells varied content, then finding the right erotic materials can be a challenge without stereotypes being present.

We reached out to Steven Grooby for some of his thoughts on how Trans content has evolved.

“Trans content has been around for decades and it’s interesting to see how it’s changed and grown. At one point there were many more studios, but they were churning out a lot of cookie cutter films from Brazil, which flooded the market. Our company has always specialized in showing the widest range of trans models, and like non-trans networks which mostly show cis girls, we try to cover the different likes (or fetishes) in different sites or DVD releases – we have releases focusing only on Black Trans, Asian Trans, BBW Trans, Over 40 Trans, Canadian Trans, Russian Trans, UK Trans, trans girls in their first shoots, and newer and fresher, as well as the established big stars. Trans content is popular, it’s still relatively small compared to cis or gay porn and can be difficult for companies to shoot as there are few agencies with trans girls on their books, so producers need a direct road to the models and the community. Our company has seen growth over the last few years, which we attribute to the quality of the productions as well as lack of competition in some areas.”


How popular is Transsexual content?

If you were to ask fans, they’d tell you it’s very popular. If you asked detractors, you’d get a different answer. Opinions vary, but the reality is that there is a dedicated audience and there are a steady stream of new consumers discovering it all the time. Some become fans, others decide it’s not for them and move on.

Before reviewing the data, we assumed that we’d see that increased media coverage of transgender issues had an influence in consumption. The prevailing viewpoint was that since transgender issues had never been more in the public eye than today, the content would most certainly have become more popular because of it. Surprisingly, that is not what we found in the data. Transsexual popularity has been steady. Commercial production has remained consistent, not counting the lag that the pandemic inserted into production. Based on the number of movies fans watched each month, it has been a consistent viewing percentage though the traffic volume may have fluctuated.

The biggest production years for Trans titles from our perspective were 2007-2010. Some of those years saw twice as many movies going online than in the years before or after.

Trans Exploration


Notable high points are listed below.


Through the Lens of Porn

Transgender sex through the lens of porn may not always be the image the LGBTQIA+ community wants to project, despite it being many people’s first exposure to the concept of transgender and non-binary identities. While the industry may not always present sex and sexual identity in a realistic way, it certainly presents it in an approachable way. Commercial porn is easily consumed and conveys concepts efficiently. As with all porn, it is not meant to be educational. It is fantasy entertainment.


Observation on descriptive word use:

We were curious to see how the words used to describe films in the Transsexual category have changed with time. When looking back through the more than 7000 movies we have had online, we can see changes in how studios have presented the titles through the years.

A large percentage of movie titles make no reference to Trans or any common terms to describe the content. The accompanying artwork might give insight into the video’s subject matter, but the title is frequently more generic. Some recent examples of this are JizzJam #18, Big Hard and Beautiful 5, and Sissy POV.

  • 23% of titles were generic or some clever word play
  • 22% of titles used the term “Shemale”
  • 14% of titles used the term “Transsexual”
  • 13% of titles used the term “Tranny/Trannie”
  • 9% of the titles used the term “Trans”
  • 9% of the titles used the term “TS”
  • 8% of the titles used the term “T Girl”
  • 2% of the titles used the term “Ladyboy”

Variations on the “T” terms have been growing in popularity over the past two decades and are the most common today by far. The “S” term has been steadily falling out of favor since its peak in 2012 though there are still new movies titled that way.


Generational Differences

Transsexual porn is an evolving category. Consumers may give little attention to the changing landscape, but from within the industry, the empowered voices of creators are becoming more pronounced. Filmmaking can lay bare the complex sense of self that the performers are channeling. They are acting, but they are also being a version of their genuine selves. Because of this personal connection, many performers are sensitive about how they wish their creation to be perceived.

The vocabulary people use for this content frequently depends on what generation of the industry they originated in – or finished in. The adult industry in 2022 is not the same as the industry in 2002 or 1982. Pornographic video, like every other form of entertainment, can be very much of its time. It doesn’t always age well, and it will almost certainly be out of touch with contemporary standards at some point in the future.

Younger performers, producers, and fans are inherently tuned into the present. Older generations may love it just as much but are not necessarily as culturally sensitive.


Notable Producers:

Some of the most active content producers today include Grooby, Evil Angel, Devil’s Film, Transsensual, TransAngels, Gender X, PinkO TGirls, and Kink.


Notable Trans Stars Past and Present:
  • Aubrey Kate
  • Brandy Scott
  • Buck Angel
  • Casey Kisses
  • Chanel Santini
  • Daisy Taylor
  • Foxxy
  • Jade Venus
  • Kayleigh Coxx
  • Khloe Hart
  • Khloe Kay
  • Kimber James
  • Korra Del Rio
  • Lena Kelly
  • Natalie Mars
  • Natassia Dreams
  • Trip Richards
  • Vanity
  • Vo D’Balm
  • Wendy Williams

Explore the Transsexual category here.


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