Stormy Daniels Phenomenon – Six Years Later

In early 2018 news of Stormy Daniels and her relation to Donald Trump’s hush money scandal was all over the press.  Her popularity on the AEBN theater system was hitting all-time highs with every metric.  While Stormy has been in and out of the news cycle over the past 6 year, this month saw her back in the public eye and on the stand for the trial of a former President. 

We examined the data again to see which states were showing the most interest in the popular pornstar over the last month.  While it is expected that the states with the highest populations will have significant interest, we might also glean some insight into which voters are paying the most attention to Mr. Trumps legal woes and if those states might play a big role in the next election.  

California’s interest in 2024 is holding strong, reflecting 2018’s highest search numbers out of all 50 states.  Florida and Georgia saw a definite increase over six years ago, while Texas, New York, Illinois and North Carolina all seem to have waned a bit.   


In May, searches for Stormy Daniels’ content in the AEBN theater system were up by over 225% from previous months.  With the notable percentage increases coming from Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia.  

We will leave you all to come to your own conclusions about what that means for November, but we know Stormy is on many people’s watch list. 


The most popular Stormy movies on AEBN recently have been: 

Operation: Tropical Stormy–tropical-stormy 





Honorable mention titles include: 

Stormy’s Secret 


Legally Boned 


Hung Jury 


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